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AM Tax 2022

Armenia Tax Tables 2022 - Tax Rates and Thresholds in Armenia

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This page contains the tax table information used for the calculation of tax and payroll deductions in Armenia in 2022. These tax tables are used for the tax and payroll calculators published on iCalculator™ AM, these tools are provided for your free use on our website. If you would like additional tax table information added to the tax calculators for Armenia or would like to add to or suggest amendments to the information herein then please contact us.

Armenia Personal Income Tax Tables in 2022

The Income tax rates and personal allowances in Armenia are updated annually with new tax tables published for Resident and Non-resident taxpayers. The Tax tables below include the tax rates, thresholds and allowances included in the Armenia Tax Calculator 2022.

Armenia Residents Income Tax Tables in 2022
Personal Income Tax Rates and Thresholds (Annual)
Tax RateTaxable Income Threshold
21%Flat rate on all taxable income
Armenia Non-residents Income Tax Tables in 2022
Personal Income Tax Rates and Thresholds (Annual)
Tax RateTaxable Income Threshold
21%Flat rate on all taxable income

Armenia Social Security Rates in 2022

In Armenia, both employers and employees are responsible for making contributions to the country's social security system. These contributions fund a variety of programs designed to provide support and benefits to the workforce. Here, we explore the types of social security contributions in Armenia and their intended purposes, excluding specific rate details.

Armenia Social Security in 2022: Rates for Employers and Employees
Social security categoryEmployeeEmployerTotal
Pension Contribution (Lower Rate)5%0%5%
Pension Contribution (Standard Rate)10%0%10%
Armenia Social Security in 2022: Earnings Thresholds for Employers and Employees
Social security categoryEmployeeEmployer
Pension Contribution (Lower Rate)n/a$ 6,000,000.00n/an/a
Pension Contribution (Standard Rate)$ 6,000,000.00$ 13,500,000.00n/an/a

Types of Social Security Contributions in Armenia

  1. Pension Contributions: These are contributions towards the state pension scheme. They are designed to provide retirement benefits to employees, ensuring financial support after retirement.
  2. Health Insurance Contributions: These contributions fund the national health insurance program. This program provides access to healthcare services, reducing the financial burden of medical expenses for individuals.
  3. Social Security Benefits: Contributions under this category support various social security benefits, including temporary disability benefits, maternity benefits, and unemployment benefits. These are aimed at providing financial assistance during periods of non-employment due to specific circumstances.

Employee and Employer Contribution Responsibilities

Both employees and employers in Armenia share the responsibility for contributing to the social security system. The contributions are typically a percentage of the employee's salary, with specific rates set by the government. Employers are responsible for withholding the employee's portion and remitting both the employee's and their contributions to the relevant authorities.

These contributions are crucial for maintaining the social safety net in Armenia, providing essential support and benefits to the workforce throughout various stages of their careers and lives. Understanding these contributions helps both employees and employers to comply with their legal obligations and ensures the sustainability of the social security system in Armenia.

Armenia VAT Rates in 2022

VAT rates for Armenia are reviewed annually, you can use the VAT Calculator to calculate VAT due in Armenia or use the Reverse VAT Calculator to calculate the net cost of goods/services after deducting VAT.

Armenia VAT Rates
VAT RateVAT Description
0%Zero Rated
20%Standard Rate

Historic Tax Tables supported for Armenia

The following tax tables are supported by iCalculator™ AM as part of the suite of free tax tools we provide for Armenia.